terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2012

Achei esse artigo sobre os vinhos do Brasil num site gringo!

Yes, you read that correctly. Don’t worry, I was just as surprised as you when I first found out that Brazil has a wine industry.
My first introduction to the wines of Brazil happened back in 2005, when I visited the country for the first time. The occasion was my brother’s wedding. The setting was spectacular and I got my first taste of Brazilian wines. After the ceremony, I drank a lot of beer.
While it was Brazilian wine, I didn’t get to taste anything that I would have actually wanted to drink. Fast-forward to May of this year when I set off, with some trepidation, for the wine country of Brazil. What would I find? How would the wines be?
Let me tell you, I was more than surprised. In fact, I was shocked by what I found!

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